Video Message of CECE President: What does it mean to be AGILE for the Construction Equipment Industry?

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The aim of this year's CECE Congress is to share best practice in "agility" within our industry, and highlight examples from other sectors. We need all of the industry to become more open-minded and explore new areas to compete better. With these challenges in mind, we decided to give the 2014 CECE Congress the title "The Construction Equipment Industry in an AGILE world".

Next CECE Congress on 15, 16 and 17 October in Antwerp: Register and book your room!

Construction Equipment Industry in an Agile World! Next CECE Congress will take place 15, 16 and 17 October at the Crowne Plaza Hotel of Antwerp, a splendid location for a successful event."Agility"is what our industry needs in order to adapt to new patterns. We need to be flexible in terms of management of people, demand, new products, new markets, changing volumes, change of products, change of buildings, change of customers’ requirements... We have to innovate in marketing, in production processes, product design… to become more flexible and remain profitable at global level!

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CECE Business Climate Index July 2014

According to CECE Business Barometer of July 2014, the negative future business expectations push business climate index further down, while industry sales stay on a growth path.
When it comes to the next 6 months: sales expectations are still optimistic, but recovery is clearly slowing down. Among all product groups, earthmoving equipment manufacturers have the most positive outlook for the next 6 months. The UK manufacturers remain the most optimistic.
On rentals, a majority of manufacturers reported increasing rental business in the first half of 2014. Even on this market, the strongest momentum was observed in the UK. Manufacturers plan to keep stable the regular workforce, while a majority of manufacturers plans to reduce temporary workforce. During the past month orders from European markets are still slightly growing. In fact, one out of two surveyed manufacturers report growing order intake from beyond Europe.
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