Intermat: When CECE goes to Paris!

Intermat Coming soon

The International Trade Fair Intermat is taking place from 20th to 25th April 2015 in Paris. France is the 2nd largest construction market in Europe, generating €206,6 Bn in annual sales.

With over 66% of visitors from France, INTERMAT is the perfect place to develop business on the French market. Some of the major international companies are exhibiting their products at Intermat, confident in the high ROI they will get out of it. Looking at the past edition, a survey demonstrated that 87% of exhibitors were satisfied with the visitors they met, and 66% of the contacts made at the show planned to invest (Source: Comexposium).

CECE Updated Position Paper on Revision of Exhaust Emissions for NRMM

On September 2014 the European Commission issued a proposal for the revision of Directive 97/68, which regulates  exhaust emissions from and test procedure for the different types of engines.

CECE has just updated its position papers, which you can find here.

CECE's october EU Newsletter was also fully dedicated to this topic.

Download your copy of the Original version or the Printable A4 version.

The European Machinery Industry – at the forefront of employment, innovation & sustainable growth

CECE CEMA and FEM have organised an event to introduce our industry to new and re-elected Members of the European Parliament, the European Commission’s new officers, and other key stakeholders. The event welcomed around 50 people and was co-chaired by MEPs Rübig, Pietikäinen and Ford . The event took place on 5th November at lunch, in the Members Salon of the European Parliament. Press release is available here

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CECE new Position Paper on Revision of Exhaust Emissions legislation for NRMM

CECE has updated its position paper regarding the NRMM Exhaust Emissions directive, specifying that the sector seeks a 6 month extension of the transition period.

The other key points in the CECE position paper remain unchanged: CECE asks to re-introduce the replacement engine provision as contained in the present exhaust emissions directive, and to secure the adoption of the new requirements by the end of 2015 in order to preserve the necessary lead-time. The industry, furthermore, supports to set exhaust emission limit values per engine power class, the staggering of the introduction dates per engine power class, the targeting of 2019 and 2020 as introduction dates and the possibility of early type approval.

CECE also marginally updated its position on the Replacement Engines issue, amending references to publication numbers and dates. Both papers can be found here .