Dear CECE members,

“New Secretary General at the helm of CECE” said the press release that CECE issued this week, marking an important moment in the existence of the association. After a twelve-year tenure as Secretary General of CECE in Brussels, Ralf Wezel has moved back to Frankfurt, entering a new role within VDMA. And I have joined the Brussels team, on the first of July, to represent the European construction equipment sector towards the EU institutions and facilitate the smooth running of the association. 

I will be picking up where Ralf has left. In the words of Eric Lepine, President of CECE: “Ralf has strengthened the role and influence of CECE throughout his time with the association.” That role is bound to increase even further.

EU legislation has a direct impact on the ability of the sector to stay competitive. I look forward to working together with you, CECE members, as well as with the partner associations and other stakeholders to make the industry’s voice heard and pursue common goals.

Sigrid de Vries, 
Secretary General

Latest news from Brussels

Market Surveillance at a crossroad

After the Plenary vote on the Regulatory Package in April, things have not moved much due to the elections. However, from the information collected by CECE, it is mostly likely that the file will be kept and negotiations with Council and Commission re-launched after the assignment of the EP Committees and Coordinators meeting on 17th July 2014. There are good opportunities that the same Rapporteurs will take up the files again. It will be up to the Italian Presidency to find a compromise with...

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TTIP: 6th negotiations round to come soon

The European Commission will host a sixth round of EU-US trade talks in Brussels from Monday 14th to Friday 18th July 2014. During this round, negotiators will continue their discussions on issues such as trade in goods and services, regulatory issues, government procurement, environmental protection and labor rights, energy and raw materials, and opportunities for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). CECE has addressed a letter to the negotiators on 27th June 2014 in order to ask for...

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EuP Working Plan 2015-2017: Industrial Machinery off the radar?

The contractors of the study preparing the third working plan (2015-2017) for the implementation of the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC seem to exclude “industrial products” from the scope of the project. They obviously draw a lesson from the preparatory studies already conducted for machine tools and industrial ovens. They justify the exclusion of “industrial machinery” saying that it is “difficult to approach them with Ecodesign measures”. However, it remains unclear what is meant...

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Formal objection against EN 474-1

The Commission forwarded a proposal for “warning” against the reference of ISO 5006 in the EN 474-1 standard regarding the operator's view. CECE seriously doubt that the proposal for a warning is justified. The reasons are the following: 1. The formal objection is based on a record of accidents stated in two petitions that were sent to the PETI Committee of the European Parliament. However, there is no proof in the accidents record that the accidents occurred due to a lack of “design”....

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