Alexandre Marchetta

CECE President

Alexandre Marchetta, 48 years old, is graduate engineer of Polytechnic School of Grenoble in 1998. Alexandre Marchetta is the current Mecalac Group CEO, manufacturer of construction equipment and specialist in the urban works.

Alexandre began his career in the United States where he worked for Volvo CE. He returned from this experience with a strong taste for construction equipment and a passion for cultural exchanges and know-how. When he joined the family business in Annecy, he started in the design office before managing production for seven years. At the same time, he developed relationships with the network of distributors. This experience gave him the opportunity to get to know all his colleagues and partners personally. "I think I have succeeded in forging strong relationships that allow me to talk to everyone today”.

When he took over the development of the Mecalac group's commercial activity in 2009, it was the beginning of a period that would allow him to test his degree of determination. Opening up to new markets in a sector where working habits vary from one country to another is no easy task. Under his leadership, Mecalac expanded into Germany, Eastern Europe, Australia and the United States, and the brand's distribution coverage doubled in Italy. 

The Mecalac Group continues to grow with the creation of a production company in Turkey in 2011, followed by the acquisition of another important production company in the UK in 2017, doubling the size of the group.

The group is currently constituted of 5 industrial companies in France, Germany, Great Britain and Turkey and several sales and support companies in different countries.

The Mecalac products are distributed in 86 countries by 220 dealers.

The Group turnover is 270 M€ (35 % in France, 15 % in Germany and 20 % in Great Britain and 30% rest of the world) with 1000 collaborators. A large part of its resources is devoted to R&D, which is the DNA of the Group.

The Marchetta Foundation grants scholarships and support to students in financial difficulty, throughout their higher education. The Foundation has already supported a hundred students over the past 6 years.

Although he has little time left, Alexandre Marchetta is also passionate about sailing.

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