Anders Gustafson

CEO of Eco Log Group, Sweden

Anders Gustafson started his career at Telia (a Swedish telecom company) in 1992. He held various management positions during a 7-year stay at Telia and after three years within Mechanical Industry, he turned his interest towards the forest industry and he worked four years as CEO at NEFAB Emballage AB. NEFAB is a global industrial packaging manufacturer that specializes in complete, sustainable solutions which reduce environmental impact and total cost for their customers. A vast part of the products is forestry-related.

After NEFAB, he was CEO of BRUKS Group for five years. BRUKS is a globally-oriented company with subsidiaries in Sweden, Germany and USA and a world-class supplier of complete solutions within wood processing, bio-energy and bulk material handling. BRUKS employed at that time some 260 people with annual sales estimated at 80 million EURO. After BRUKS, Anders worked as Sales and Marketing Director for Korsnäs AB. Korsnäs turnover at that time was some one billion Euro with 1500 customers in over 100 countries. Korsnäs, today Billerudkorsnäs, is a leading supplier of renewable fibre-based packaging materials and solutions and strives to challenge itself, their customers and all kinds of producers of conventional packaging to promote a sustainable future.

Today Anders is CEO of the Eco Log Group. Eco Log produces high-efficiency Forest machines for sustainable forestry and they are known, among other features, for their unique pendulum arm technique. Due to the pendulum arms, the machines can adapt to varying ground conditions, allowing their operator to work with high productivity and environmental consideration even in steep and difficult terrain. With Anders leading the way, Eco Log is steadily growing and with approximately 140 employees and a 70 million EURO turnover, the company is making its way forward as a competitive forest machine supplier to count on.

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