Bengt Nilsson

CEO of Hammerglass

Bengt Nilsson is born and raised near Stavanger on the Norwegian southwest coast. After two years of officer training in the Norwegian Armed Forces he earned his master's degree in economics in Lund in 1989.

Bengt began his career within the marketing sector where spent several years as a project manager at a marketing agency. His job led him to his first contact with a relatively unknown product called Equi Nova and its inventor Torbjörn Olsson.

In 2006 Equi Nova was renamed to Hammerglass and Bengt took over as CEO of the newly formed company Hammerglass AB. The same year, the business had sales of SEK 3 million and worked only with property-related products.

13 years later, the group has a turnover of just over €10 million. Today Hammerglass AB employs approximately 60 people, and has subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark and Germany with operations evenly distributed across the business areas Real Estate, Infrastructure and Automotive.

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