Benjamin Chaminade

CEO of Reboot Inc.

Benjamin Chaminade, a French-Australian speaker on innovation culture, managerial transformation, management, transformation and the future of work.

He is the CEO of Reboot Inc.

Benjamin with his presentation on "Engagement of new generations", will explain the phenomenon of misunderstanding between generations and the reproach made to the youngest for not conforming to the models of the elders.

The objective of Benjamin's presentation will be to identify the complexity of behavioral and cultural transformations (in a digital and Covid contexts) in order to understand their mechanisms.

Without falling into the simplistic young/senior approach, Benjamin will offer you elements of reflection on solutions that correspond to your managerial culture.  

At the end of this intervention, you will:

• Leave with examples of concrete intergenerational management solutions tested in SMEs, ETIs and large groups
• Know the managerial practices you need to have to modernize your management
• Have the means to improve the engagement of your teams and foster collaboration


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