Digital Machines


The European construction equipment industry is confidently looking towards the future and ready to embrace the transition into the digital era, with a stronger-than-ever focus on technology leadership and customer needs.

CECE Digitalisation Project

Digital transformations are happening in the machinery sector, as much as in other parts of the larger construction industry. Following the main recommendation of the McKinsey research, CECE is pushing for a global value-chain approach to have the construction industry as the leader of these changes.

In light of this approach, CECE took the decision to kick off the next phase of its digitalisation project. The results of the CECE Digitalisation Project are published! View the report here.

A consulting team has been tasked with a research project involving multiple data collection tools inserted in a methodology that led to the presentation of the final results at the CECE Congress 2018 on 19th October 2018.

The project was managed by a Steering Committee that meets regularly. As part of the value chain approach, representatives of European construction contractors (FIEC) and equipment rental companies (ERA) were members of the Steering Committee.

Digital Manifesto

CECE and most of the major European construction industry associations have joined forces to draft and agree on “The European Construction Industry Manifesto for Digitalisation”. The Manifesto calls for strong political leadership from the EU, an appropriate regulatory framework on data policy and budgetary focus on digital skills, R&D and IT infrastructure.

Confident construction equipment industry ready to embrace shift in operational focus

"We've used the past years to make our production leaner and sustain our strength to compete globally. Now, we are shifting from selling just steel and hydraulics to an offering of more all-integrated services to support customers in executing their work" commented CECE president Bernd Holz. He spoke at a conference on the main findings from a new report on the European construction equipment sector, published  by McKinsey and Company. CECE contributed to the report through a survey of member companies.


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