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In our motto #WeMake2Build lies the awareness that safe, efficient and innovative machines are fundamental pieces of the puzzle to shape and build the Europe of tomorrow. This is evident for the medium-term post-COVID boost, such as the implementation of the European Recovery Plan and overall economic relaunch.

However, it is even more relevant when it comes to the long-term perspectives, such as regulatory impacts, future jobsite scenarios and the role of people and leadership in a diverse working population. All of this will be on the menu at the CECE Summit.




Why connect?

This year’s CECE Summit will project the construction equipment industry into the future:

- We will take a deep-dive into innovation and will present future scenarios on the jobsite

- We will discuss diversity & leadership in the construction sector

- We will take a closer look at the impact  of revised legislation on machinery

- We will present the latest economic trends and analyse how a mega-project is shaping a European region


- High-level speakers including representatives from EU Institutions

- Latest market intelligence & insight into investment decisions by key clients

- Commercial breaks from our sponsors & exhibition partners

- Virtual but meaningful interaction occasions with industry peers and media