Esther Borao

Director General of the Aragon Institute of Technology

Esther Borao is the Director General of the Aragon Institute of Technology, a public centre which aids companies in their processes and development of technological innovation.

Previously, she was the co-founder of various companies such as Innovart and Academia de Inventores, an academy for inventors with something in common: creativity and making technology more accessible for citizens, above all for girls and boys. She has also worked for a number of associations including MulleresTech, to bring visibility to leading women in technology, and MakeroniLabs, which brought social and creative technological projects to life.

Her creativity and passion for technology, innovation and education have led her to be one of the 30 young leaders of Europe and Africa, as selected by the U.S. embassy in Spain as part of the IVLP programme “Women in Entrepreneurship.” She also recently became a member of Los 100 de COTEC as an expert in Open Innovation communities.

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