Santiago Vaquero

Digital and Technology Director LoxamHune

Santiago Vaquero has been the Technology and Digital Director at LoxamHune since 2006. His expertise lies in Industrial Organization and Operations, with a strong focus on lean production systems (LEAN MANUFACTURING), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), and ERP implementations in both production and service environments. 

Throughout his extensive professional career, Santiago has worked in various sectors. His background as a telecommunications engineer, complemented by a postgraduate degree from IESE, has equipped him to handle diverse responsibilities, often within the industry. He has successfully led teams across Manufacturing, Operations, Quality, Procurement, Information Systems, and Consulting. 

Over the past 30 years, Santiago has held significant roles in multinational companies across different sectors, including Air Conditioning (Carrier Corporation and Ferroli) and the automotive industry (Witzennmann GMBH). 

Santiago thrives in international environments and leverages technology and its applications as his preferred tools for work. 

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