Jose Antonio Nieto takes over as CECE President

As of January 1st 2024, Jose Antonio Nieto of Putzmeister Iberica and ANMOPYC is the new President of CECE. After serving as Vice-President for the past two years, he is now taking over this leadership role for 2024 and 2025. Jose Antonio Nieto is CEO of Putzmeister Iberica, a member company of the Spanish industry association ANMOPYC. His professional career in construction machinery began in after-sales service, joining Putzmeister as Head of Service in 1999 and progressing to Technical Director and COO. He has been in his current position as CEO since 2007. In addition to leading the Spanish subsidiary of the Putzmeister Group, he has been responsible for growing the underground business unit for tunnelling and mining within the group. After the 2008 crisis he had to turnaround the Spanish affiliate business from local construction machinery sales to international own underground product sales. Nowadays Putzmeister has an underground business unit serving the tunnelling and mining customers all over the world.

The focus for 2024
Regarding his personal mission, Jose Antonio continues the work of his predecessors in remaining committed to helping CECE and the industry with its long-term target of decarbonization and digitalization.

My mission as CECE President is continuing with this legacy, as well as pushing for and supporting current key topics for our industry.”

Jose Antonio’s main focus for 2024 is the implementation of new legislation. This follows the work undertaken during Alexandre Marchetta’s presidency to take part in discussions with legislators and inform the debate throughout the drafting processes. The next step is to guide and help members as legislation enters into force. As Jose Antonio notes, these legislations have important ramifications for CECE’s targets.

“A key topic on the agenda is the implementation of the Cyber-Resilience Act and Data Act, which will have a significant impact on our long-term target of digitalisation. Another important issue for 2024 will be the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), linked to the decarbonization target. This twin transition of digitalization and decarbonization is ongoing and needs additional support.”

In line with deteriorating economic conditions in Europe, the third quarter of 2023 saw a substantial downturn of construction equipment sales on the European market, with sales declining 17% year-on-year. Signs are clearly pointing towards a downturn in sales for both 2023 and 2024 and they are likely to be at double-digit levels. Supporting the construction equipment industry through this downturn remains a priority for Jose Antonio and for CECE.

This comes at a crucial time as the European Parliament elections are to take place in June 2024. Making sure the voice of the industry is heard throughout the electoral process is also at the forefront of the 2024 agenda. Accordingly, CECE will be releasing a manifesto in early spring 2024.

CECE enlargement
Continuing from his work as Putzmeister, Jose Antonio will spearhead the expansion of CECE into mining.

As he stated: “Europe, in addition to other regions, is facing a localisation of metals and minerals that is spurring a re-opening of old mines and the starting of new ones. Brussels will be developing new regulations and the many global mining manufacturers that are based in Europe will need assistance as these regulations are applied to the region. Mining is a delicate industry regarding environment and sustainability and adjustments will need to be made when acting in the European region. We look forward to promoting CECE as mining representation of OEMs.”

CECE Congress hosted in Madrid in October 2024
On his first day of his presidential mandate, Jose Antonio Nieto also unveiled the date and topic of the next major CECE event. The next CECE Congress will be focused on reindustrialisation and will be hosted by ANMOPYC in Madrid, Spain from 23rd to 25th October 2024. All members and partners are invited to save the date.


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