The legislative framework for construction equipment is complex. Environmental legislation considerably affects the construction and design of our machinery – noise and exhaust emission regulations are only two examples. Industry is spending an important amount of their R&D budgets on making their machines comply with complex and demanding EU environmental legislation, and further innovate their products.

Construction machinery is generally perceived as polluting, noisy and bad for the environment. The truth is very different: in recent decades, this highly innovative industry has invested heavily in “green” technology. Recent technical developments led to increased efficiency, decrease of noise limits and reduction of emissions. Our industry is making their products more sustainable on their own initiative – our machines are key for creating a competitive and sustainable construction sector in Europe and worldwide.

CECE is committed to actively contribute to a high level of environmental protection and is liaising closely with the EU institutions and other stakeholders in order to shape the legislative framework in Europe. Environmental legislation must protect the environment and enable our industry to stay competitive. Policy makers should allow industry to be customer-driven and to develop an innovative approach.