Alexandre Marchetta takes over as CECE President

Since January 1st 2022 Alexandre Marchetta of Group Mecalac and EVOLIS is the new President of CECE. He takes over this leadership role to steer the European industry association in 2022 and 2023, at a key moment of economic recovery. Alexandre Marchetta is President and CEO of Group Mecalac, a member company of French industry association EVOLIS. In his professional path towards becoming an experienced business leader, he joined the family business in the design office first, then managing production for seven years. In 2009 he took over the development of the Mecalac Group's business activity. In addition to his previous role as Mecalac CEO, he recently started presiding over the Board of the Mecalac Group, a family-owned company with over 1,000 people and a global footprint from a manufacturing and commercial point of view.

Defining moment for the regulatory landscape
As the CECE President Alexandre Marchetta will dedicate relevant efforts to the EU regulatory agenda. Indeed, in 2022 we expect the proposal for a harmonised system of road circulation requirements across the EU. Moreover, 2022 will be the key year for the Machinery Regulation: “the legislation on machinery products is one of the most important for the CECE industry” highlighted Alexandre. He continued: “Since the beginning of the consultation process, CECE has been engaging with relevant stakeholders and, following the steps undertaken during Niklas Nillroth’s Presidency, CECE will continue to take part in the discussions with the legislators and inform the debate on what Europe needs to remain a competitive and trustworthy manufacturing bloc.”

Green and digital transitions at the heart of the recovery
“The beginning of my Presidency coincides with France taking over the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union. As the CECE President I will devote particular attention to the issue of economic recovery, one of France’s key priorities while heading the EU” said Alexandre Marchetta.

In this area, CECE believes it is time to grasp the market opportunities arising from the EU Recovery Plan and continued investments in the EU built environment. Alexandre will continue the long-term strategy of his predecessors to embrace the twin transitions towards a digital and decarbonised economy. CECE will monitor the rollout of the Green Deal proposals and strive to position Europe as a leader of low-impact solutions.

CECE Congress hosted in France in January 2023
On his first day of his presidential mandate, Alexandre Marchetta also unveiled the venue and the date of the next major CECE event. The next CECE Congress will be hosted by EVOLIS in Chamonix, France from 18th to 20th January 2023. All members and partners are invited to save-the-date.

As CECE President, Alexandre Marchetta represents over 1,200 construction equipment manufacturers in Europe. These companies generate €40 bn in yearly revenue and employ around 300,000 people overall.


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Picture caption: Alexandre Marchetta, CECE President for term 2022-2023
Source: Mecalac

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