CECE EDA Think Tank “Equipment for demolition”

On 10th October CECE and the European Demolition Association EDA hosted the third edition of EDA’s biennial Think-Tank under the title “Equipment for demolition”.

The think tank consisted of two panel debates promoting an open discussion between the parties involved in the value-chain, with the participation of speakers from the respective membership groups tackling the main trends and hurdles in the sector.

Recycling and deconstruction were two of the leading topics addressed during the debate. Finding a way to recognise and separate dangerous substances and non-recyclable materials from those that can be re-used afterwards represents one of the main challenges for the industry, as well as one of the main drivers for the development of more specialised attachments and carriers.

The focus on digitalisation allowed the panellists to examine carefully the advantages offered by remote-control supervision of sites, with special regard to monitoring the main machine parameters in a proactive and safer way, thus enhancing efficiency on site. On the other hand, the adoption of specific measures designed to reduce risks and respect safety standards clearly underlines the need of more training schools for skilled operators in demolition, decontamination and recycling.

The gathering offered a chance to manufacturers and contractors to discuss their respective roles in facing challenges and opportunities related to machinery evolution and development. CECE Secretary General Riccardo Viaggi confirmed CECE’s support to regular exchange and indicated CECE’s willingness to host the next Think-Tank event in 2019.

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