Geert Maes

Senior Manager, Industry & Infrastructure, Standards at the CEN and CENELEC Management Centre

CEN and CENELEC have a long-established partnership with nearly 30 industry and business sectors, providing standardization solutions that support the competitiveness of European industry and enabling the Single Market.

In line with the priorities established by CEN and CENELEC, the Standards department at CCMC ensures the timely and cost-efficient delivery of standards and related publications, in accordance with market and customer needs. The Industry & Infrastructure Unit focuses on sectors such as Machinery, Transport, Electrotechnology, Pressure Equipment, etc.

Geert Maes provides support to the secretariats of the CEN and CENELEC Technical Board (BT) and relevant Technical Bodies. This support is two-fold: on the one hand, he provides guidance and support to the Technical Boards in their decisions on topics related to ‘Industry & Infrastructure’, liaising with the EC sectoral desk officers and representing CEN and CENELEC at various Standing Committees (e.g. the Multi-Stakeholder Platform on ICT standardization). On the other hand, he deals with issues related to the citation of standards in the OJEU and arising matters in international standardization.

In relation to the strategic plan for Digital Transformation - with a focus on Industry needs - adopted by CEN and CENELEC in June this year, Geert Maes collaborates with other units to ensure projects and activities meet the identified needs to have standards that support the deployment of ICT technologies (Internet of Things, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Big Data).