CECE Business Barometer

Every month CECE asks around 220 senior European construction equipment industry representatives about their opinion on the state of industry. The objective is to obtain a regular business trend indicator and describe the economic climate.

The CECE Business Climate Index summarizes the survey answers on the evaluation of the current business situation and the expectations for the next 6 months regarding sales.

While detailed results including all questions are exclusively available for participants, a summary is available to all CECE members quarterly.

CECE Business Climate Index

Forth Quarter Summary: In line with expectations, the climate index saw a continuation of its declines in November. However, the assumption of a “soft landing” of the sector seems to materialize as the downturn is losing pace rather than getting more severe. Sales in Europe which had still been growing over the last months seem to have hit their peak now and are set to turn to a moderate downturn.

The regional pattern has not changed dramatically: In Europe, manufacturers are still rather optimistic about the short-term outlook for Southern Europe and CEE markets, while the mature Western European markets are seen more pessimistic. Evaluations of the UK market experienced a setback in November. Beyond Europe, hopes concentrate on North America and India.

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