CECE Business Barometer

Every month CECE asks around 220 senior European construction equipment industry representatives about their opinion on the state of industry. The objective is to obtain a regular business trend indicator and describe the economic climate.

The CECE Business Climate Index summarizes the survey answers on the evaluation of the current business situation and the expectations for the next 6 months regarding sales.

While detailed results including all questions are exclusively available for participants, a summary is available to all CECE members quarterly.

CECE Business Climate Index

Second Quarter Summary:

CECE’s business climate index experienced a moderate downturn in May 2023, but clearly stays in the positive area. There is still a sound majority of surveyed companies who report of sales growth on the European market. However, a moderate downturn of order intake suggests that the cycle could be close to its end. Order backlog is gradually getting back to more normal levels. When it comes to markets, North America remains by far the one seen most optimistic.

In Europe, there are considerably positive expectations for Germany, France, and Nordic markets. Manufacturers are increasingly optimistic about the Turkish market. The assumption that the Chinese market could have hit the bottom does not seem to materialize, and European manufacturers don’t get enthusiastic about that market.

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