European Industrial Policy

For an EU Industrial Policy Strategy

In February 2017, 128 EU manufacturing industry associations signed a Joint Declaration for an ambitious EU industrial strategy calling on the European Commission to:

  1. Reaffirm its commitment to reaching the target of 20% of GDP from industry, with an ambitious and realistic timeline;
  2. Adopt an Action Plan to tackle the challenges that the industrial sectors are facing, in the framework of a Communication that would include concrete steps and milestones;
  3. Commit to implement this Action Plan in a timely manner and regularly report on progress.The European Council has heard industry’s call and endorsed our requests, by asking the European Commission to present a proposal for such a Strategy by mid-2018;

CECE is ready and willing to cooperate with other industry representatives in order to contribute to drafting this Industrial Policy Strategy. CECE has been at the forefront of the awareness-raising campaign following this Declaration in meetings with MEPs and Commission VP Mr. Katainen.

20% of GDP by Industry

CECE believes that industry must be placed centre stage if Europe is to remain a global economic leader and to reach the goal of creating 20% of EU GDP by industry.

And this has been the EU’s message since the 2010 Communication on "An integrated industrial policy for the globalisation era". The Communication, a flagship initiative of the Europe 2020 strategy, sets out a strategy that aims to boost growth and jobs by maintaining and supporting a strong, diversified and competitive industrial base in Europe offering well-paid jobs while becoming more resource efficient.

The Communication, in order to favour a recovery of industrial investments and a reversal of manufacturing's share in EU GDP, launches a new partnership between the EU, Member States and industry. In addition, in 2014, the European Commission presented a  Communication for a European Industrial Renaissance in order to pursue the goal of increasing contribution of industry to the EU GDP to as much as 20% by 2020.

CECE contributes

Thanks to the considerable investment undertaken in construction equipment, our sector has significantly contributed to deliver growth and jobs in the EU. CECE strongly welcomes the European Commission’s commitment to raise the share of industry in Europe from 16% of GDP to 20% of GDP by 2020.

We are committed to play an active role in reaching this 20% target and boost growth in Europe in the years ahead. As global competition is fierce, the EU needs to set the right framework conditions for them to deliver growth, create jobs and compete at international level.

CECE has been active during the various stages of the Industrial policy initiatives. A very important action was undertaken jointly with CEMA, with the presentation of a 10 point Manifesto:

  1. Introduce stronger competitiveness-proofing and fitness checks
  2. Ensure more coherent EU policy-making
  3. Ensure EU legislation boosts the industry’s ability to innovate to remain ahead of competitors
  4. Seek greater international policy alignment to avoid technical barriers to trade
  5. Reduce the administrative burden of complying with EU legislation
  6. Complete the Internal Market
  7. Ensure fair competition through better market surveillance
  8. Invest massively in infrastructure
  9. Deepen partnerships for a skilled workforce
  10. Promote free access to foreign markets


CECE Position Paper - European Commission's Long Term Investment Plan