Critical Raw Materials Act

Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) - objectives and targets

In March 2024 the Council of the European Union approved the text of the Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA). The CRMA is a package of regulatory and non-regulatory measures aimed at boosting the mining, refining and recycling capabilities of raw materials in the EU, as well as diversifying the sources of supply for  these materials.

Targets of the CRMA

The Act sets these benchmarks for domestic capacity along the strategic raw materials value chain and for the diversification of the EU supplies:

  • at least 10% of the EU’s annual consumption for extraction,
  • at least 40% of the EU’s annual consumption for processing,
  • at least 15% of the EU’s annual consumption for recycling,
  • no more than 65% of the EU’s annual consumption from a single third country.

Other measures

Other significant measures contained in the CRMA are:

  • Creation of a list of critical and strategic raw materials.
  • Establishment of rapid authorisation procedures and dedicated national or regional authorities for strategic projects.
  • National recycling programmes are to be implemented to improve sustainability, particularly with regard to mining waste with a high recyclable content (stockpile recycling).
  • Creation of a central steering body, the CRMs board, consisting of representatives of the Commission and member states.
  • Establishment of strategic partnerships with resource-rich countries to strengthen EU security of supply.

Benefits for European industry and our members

CECE welcomes the approval of the CRMA and believes that if the act is implemented quickly and appropriately it will generate considerable benefits for EU 27 industry and for our members.

For mining equipment and technology suppliers we see the following opportunities arising from the CRMA:

  • Potential to increase mining equipment and technology demand in Europe as a consequence of investment in new mines or in the extensions of existing projects.
  • Boost investment in R&D and manufacturing capacity inside the EU 27 area.
  • Create permanent and highly qualified engineering and manufacturing jobs in the EU 27.

Through its advocacy work and in coordination with other mining industry stakeholders, CECE will actively monitor the implementation of CRMA and will issue recommendations to EU and National Institutions to ensure a rapid and effective roll out of the key measures required to transform the targets into actual benefits for the mining industry.