Our mission


  • CECE is the recognized organisation representing and promoting the European construction equipment sector and related industries towards the European Institutions and other organisations worldwide.
  • CECE coordinates the views of its members (National Associations) and their members (construction equipment manufacturers) with the aim to achieving a fair and competitive regulatory environment via harmonised standards and other relevant policy means.
  • CECE monitors upcoming European legislation, forms the industry position on specific subjects and actively communicates the views and interests of the sector to European legislators and other regulatory bodies. CECE is the established source of factual and technical information on the European construction equipment sector and its overall contribution to society.
  • CECE functions as a European network organisation with a secretariat in Brussels and regularly involving staff and expertise of the national associations as well as company representatives. This approach facilitates an informed dialogue with the European Institutions as well as facilitating the timely input from across the industry, which members are often small and medium-sized companies in addition to global players.
  • CECE organises the collection a number of European market statistics for many types of construction equipment, and regularly polls the sector on the business climate. CECE also participates in a worldwide statistical exchange.
  • CECE represents the European industry within a network of the worldwide associations for the construction equipment industry, in particular the associations from China, India, Japan, Korea and North-America.
  • CECE cooperates with a limited number of leading global and international trade exhibitions that meet the demands of the construction equipment industry. By providing information about exhibitions, CECE helps smaller manufacturers to identify relevant trade fairs to promote their products in non-European countries.