Our people


President & Vice Presidents

The President assisted by a 1st and 2nd Vice President ensures the coordination of work and CECE's external representation.

President    1st Vice President   2nd Vice President
Enrico Prandini, Ammann Lars Göran Andersson, Volvo CE Lars Göran Andersson, Volvo CE

Presidents's Committee & Executive Committee

The Presidents' Committee consists of the President, the Vice Presidents and an industry representative from the national member associations. The Executive Committee is composed of Directors of National Associations or persons proposed by them to fill this role. The Executive Committee has the widest powers for the administration and the management of the association.

President's Committee   Executive Committee
AEB | Russia - Andrey Komov, Volvo CE AEB | Russia - Asker Nakhushev
AGORIA | Belgium - tba AGORIA | Belgium - Nathalie Nicolas
ANMOPYC | Spain - Jordi Perramon, AUSA  ANMOPYC | Spain - Jorge Cuartero
CEA | UK - Nick Ground, GKD Technik CEA | UK - Rob Oliver
CISMA | France - Henri Marchetta, Mecalac  CISMA | France - Renaud Buronfosse
FFTI | Finland - Markku Penttinen, Junttan  FFTI | Finland - Ville Saloranta
FMIB | Netherlands - Paul Burger, Hitachi FMIB | Netherlands - Paul Burger
FMMI | Austria - Ulrich Hammerle, Liebherr FMMI | Austria - Barbara Schicker
IMDER | Turkey - Tamer Öztoygar, HMF-Hyundai  IMDER | Turkey - Oğuz Yusuf Yiğit
SVSS | Czech Republic - Bernd Holz, Ammann SVSS | Czech Republic - Pavel Urban
SACE | Sweden - Lars Göran Andersson, Volvo CE  SACE | Sweden - Calle Beckvid
UNACEA | Italy - Enrico Prandini, Komatsu UNACEA | Italy - Luca Nutarelli
VDMA| Germany - Johann Sailer, Geda-Dechentreiter  VDMA| Germany - Joachim Schmid


Our team

Riccardo Viaggi | Secretary General | sg@cece.eu

Riccardo represents the construction equipment sector towards the European Union institutions. He mantains stakeholder and partner relations, and manages the work of CECE’s Brussels office.

Stephan Belaen | Technical Policy Manager - Safety | stephan.belaen@cece.eu

Stephan leads and coordinates the technical policy activities related to technical issues, including machinery safety, outdoor noise legislation, road circulation digitisation and standardisation.

Belén Bravo | Technical Policy Manager - Environment | belen.bravo@cece.eu

Belén leads and coordinates the technical policy activities related to environmental issues, including the engine exhaust emissions legislation, CO2 emissions, WEEE, RoHS, industrial emissions and digitisation.

Roma Guziak | Communications Officer | roma.guziak@cece.eu

Roma is responsible for managing and developing CECE’s communication activities and organisation of the events. She also manages the monthly Business Barometer.

Sebastian Popp | Secretary Statistical Commission | sebastian.popp@cece.eu

Sebastian leads and coordinates all CECE activities related to statistical and economic alysis.Based at VDMA in Frankfurt, he is supported by Hans Jürgen Pons who manages the CECE statistical exchanges.

Anja Schnieder | Press Officer | anja.schnieder@cece.eu

Anja is communications manager at VDMA in Frankfurt and manages CECE's relations with trade press. She also supports the organisation of the larger CECE events.

Veronica Moro | Communication and Events Intern | intern@cece.eu

Veronica is assisting in implementing CECE's communications strategy and supports the organisation of events. She is also responsible for maintaining the database.