Uptime Tracker


Telematics data has become a key factor for OEMs in analysing construction activity and performance – most of all in times of crisis when sales are slowing down. Gathering telematics data on an industry-wide level is a good indicator of machine utilisation, which helps to anticipate future market developments. Therefore, CECE decided to develop its new market intelligence tool, the CECE Uptime Tracker.

In 2022 CECE has introduced this new market intelligence tool that includes 400,000 pieces of earth-moving machinery on the European market that is monitored every month. By pulling their telematics data together within CECE, the participating OEMs get the monthly Uptime Tracker with industry-wide utilisation rates in anonymous and aggregated format.

With regards to competition law, the critical mass of participating OEMs and the size of the connected fleet constitute a guarantee that no individual company data can be derived from the data output. The same argument goes for data protection and privacy.

The CECE Uptime Tracker closes a gap in the market intelligence services CECE provides for its member companies and we are proud to be the first to establish such a project at the industry association level.

Get involved!

Only participating companies have access to the monthly reports. If you are a CECE member and would like to participate in the CECE Uptime Tracker, please write to info@cece.eu.


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